7 Summer Outfits with Thrifted Clothes

The best summer outfits are thrifted outfits, wouldn’t you agree? Here’s why:

  • Used clothing has already been worn in, so no wind, sand, or skateboarding accidents will destroy it. 
  • Secondhand clothing is often superior in quality to what you can buy new, too. It’s because old clothes were made to last, not to be thrown away. 
  • You can easily build a capsule of casual thrifted essentials like vintage tees or thrifted hoodies and repeat your summer outfits throughout the hot months. Repeat wears win you planet points, right?

    Find the ingredients to lots of great summer outfits on the Goodfair site--whether it’s faded black t-shirts, sateen pants, Hawaiian shirts, or those baseball hats with wide, flat brims. Don’t leave your friends behind--our site lets you buy in bundles, so you can share the goods. 

    Here are some of our favorite ways to wear these summer clothes to the beach or skate park, wherever your wandering feet take you this summer. 

    Summer Outfit #1 - Thrifted Hawaiian Shirt and Baseball Hat


    Let’s say you want to wear a tropical pattern, but you don’t want to look like a tourist. All you have to do is buy a used Hawaiian shirt instead of new. The softened threads and washed out colors give it a more authentic look. 

    Wear your hand-me-down Hawaiian shirt with everything from swim trunks to khaki shorts. Top the look with a baseball hat in a muted color to shield your face from the sun. Take your towel to go by draping it around your neck on your way to the slushy line.  

    Summer Outfit #2 - Thrifted Fanny Pack and Tank


    In summer, you need a place to tote your bubble gum and Chapstick. And besides, there’s nothing better to tuck an over-sized tank into than a fanny pack. We love thes ones with color-block patterns, black zips, and plastic buckle clips that scream fun.  

    Fill your beach day with bright rainbow colors, whether it’s with tie-dye or neon silk-screened lettering. Double up the look if you want to go out #twinning with your bestie at the beach.     

    Summer Outfit #3 - Satin Pants and a Thrifted Hawaiian Shirt


    Want to sparkle? Get yourself some satin pants. Even a little shimmer goes a long way in summer. Satin pants look good with layers, too. Tuck in your favorite long sleeve tee and top the look with an oversized botanical print from one of our Hawaiian shirts. This look has serious weekend vibes.  

    Summer Outfit #4 - Contrasting Color Thrifted Crewneck and Baseball Hat


    We love this paneled two-tone crewneck with a yellow baseball hat worn backwards. Wear these contrasting primary color solids with khaki shorts. Put on your walking shoes and pull up your white socks to keep the dust off your ankles. The result is a casual look you can wear to watch the sunsets from your woven lawn chair.  

    Summer Outfit #5 - Thrifted Maxi dress with funky pattern


    One of the most versatile summer pieces you can find is a maxi dress with a funky print and spaghetti straps. You can wear it alone with your favorite shades and necklace, or you can layer it over a tee. For an entirely different look, wear your tee on top of it and tie it in a knot at the waist. We love the way this dress looks with black chunky-soled mary janes. 

    Summer Outfit #6 - Classic black t-shirt looks with vintage and used black t-shirts


      You might be a thrifting addict if you shop for black tees in all different shades of faded dye after multiple washes. Get your own collection started with our bundle of four black tees

      Black tees have been a classic for everyone from metal band musicians to goths. We think they look good on everyone. Collect them in all sizes with different silk screen prints and colors of lettering.

      Summer Outfit #7 - Goodfair Crewneck Sweatshirt


      Share your love of recycled clothes with our Goodfair crewneck sweatshirt this summer. They’re perfect for camping trips and weathering the summer storms. Take it with you to fish off your uncle’s dock, or stuff it into your duffle bag to use as a pillow on the plane. 

      Share your own summer outfits made with Goodfair finds by tagging us on Instagram.

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