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"Meanwhile Shawn showed off his arms in a tank top which he teamed with light washed jeans for a classic vibe. He later tossed a vintage red plaid shirt from Goodfair on top."
"A majority of the 80 million clothing garments donated by Americans each year ends up burned or in landfills. With online thrift store Goodfair, Luciani is lowering consumers' carbon footprints by bringing the surplus of clothing donations back to the market by the bundle."
"With Goodfair, Topper aims to make second-hand shopping simple"
"[Nordstrom] shares the viewpoint that vintage is almost like the new ‘designer’ in the way that consumers not only want to shop sustainability but there is a hyper-focus on individuality. They’re trying to fill that gap," Topper Luciani, chief executive officer and founder of Goodfair, said of the partnership that aims to ‘democratize’ vintage."
"Nordstrom partnered with Goodfair, a secondhand clothing site, to launch monthly online vintage drops last week. It wasn’t just the GameStop turmoil that pushed the news from your radar: The first drop sold out before I (Halie) could take a screenshot of the shop."
"Listen in as Luciani discusses Goodfair's business model, his career background in the used apparel and vintage space, and the company's new wholesale partnership with Nordstrom."
"Woodbridge native Topper Luciani, who now lives in Texas, started his sustainable clothing company Goodfair in Houston in 2019"
"With Poshmark and ThredUp joining The RealReal in going public, the fashion resale market is set for major change. BoF examines the five key questions that will determine how the space shapes up."
“...receiving something you’re surprised by means something to look forward to. Getting one is a thrill”
“These are called “holy grail” white tees for a reason. The best white tees that are the perfect opacity and über soft.”
“While buying from eco-friendly brands can help lessen the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, the most sustainable way to shop is to buy clothes that already exist.”
“I got some cool secondhand shirts (thanks, Goodfair!) to test out my cutting skills”
“Although luxury consignment, rental and resale businesses are dealing with their own set of challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic, Goodfair is seeing booming sales among its predominantly Millennial and Gen Z audience.”
“What we loved most about Goodfair was their modern revitalization of thrift — taking a market that was traditionally perceived by the customer as dated and reinventing it with a relevant, youthful, humorous and modern positioning.”
“Goodfair is a company that does the best job at recreating the thrift store experience online that I've ever seen.”
“A Houston-based online retailer for second-hand clothing is quickly growing, aiming to make "No New Things" the mantra of the fashion world.”
“If you are on a budget and like surprises: Goodfair”
From its founding in 2018 until today, Goodfair has successfully rescued over 1 million pieces of clothing (you can find an environmental counter on their site to follow their journey). Among this large population of garments, Topper’s favorite pieces include the solid t-shirts, daily drip, and particularly a t-shirt that spells Wawa across.
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We’re thrifters obsessed with getting our hands dirty to help solve one of the realest problems facing our planet. We source preloved pieces — saving their souls from landfills and warehouse purgatory — and bundle our finds into collections that: say “NOPE!” to consumer excess, are good for the earth, and are light on your wallet.
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