Top 20 Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now for Thrift and Vintage

Read this round-up of some of our favorite Instagram accounts featuring thrift. Have a favorite online thrifter? Let us know in the comments.

In our age of apps, second-hand shopping has become super easy. One of my favorite things to do is this: Saunter around the pad in slippers, smartphone in hand, browsing great vintage Insta accounts.  

This way, you don’t have to hit all of the racks to find the next holy grail for your closet. (When there’s time, that can be fun, too, though.) And, even if I’m not in the mood to buy, you can gather ideas on what to wear and how to wear it well.  

There are SOOOOO many good accounts out there to follow. Yes, we are spoiled, but no complaints here. You should definitely get on Insta right now and follow these twenty eternal-scroll-worthy vintage and thrift Insta accounts.    

Click the name of the company to see their Instagram page!

@KnooksVintage - Funky retrotastic clothing. 

@B.JonesStyle - Laid back, eclectic SoCal second-hand fashion. 

@TiffCrazyCool - Casual, streetworthy. Natural hair lovers should follow her. 

@BreakfastatTiffany’s - Get your glam, sneakers and a touch of disco. A great account to browse to the crackle of vinyl. 

@ResurrectionVintage - Versace-esque jewels--let your inner royalty shine. 

@MercyVintage - Quirky, cool, colorful. 

@TheCornerStore - How to raid your grandma’s closet and come out swinging. 

@Procell - Throwback tees and sporty goods for your fashion remix. 

@NaNinVintage - Going for the updated Diane Keaton from Annie Hall look? You’ve found your home.

@PersephoneVint - Pure romance. Fantastic ruffled, cuffed and tucked vintage tops. 

@TheVintageEdit - Think Sharon Stone circa 1990. Get that look here. 

@LTrainVintage - You know what your outfit needs? A jacket. 

@TwitchVintage - Curated low key thrift, bringing joy piece by piece. 

@Ellen123Ludlow - A shop with the nose for eye-popping finds. 

@NamesakeVintage - What to wear with your center-part. 

@Worship - Don’t miss a beat. How to pull it all together. 

@FeathersBoutiqueVintage - It’s all in the details. 

@TheMetalVintage - Punk cake with vintage frosting. 

@Mila.Guan - An easygoing, carefree take on vintage.  


@Angiekyra - Style that creates its own mise en scene


@fasinfrank - Brothers Drew and Jesse show us the ropes of the vintage game.


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Featured Image Credits to Knooks N’ Krannies Vintage

Article written by Erica Eller

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