Five Thrifters To Follow In 2022

Thrifting is ever changing. Here are five influencers with style worth a follow in 2022.

Style doesn't need to be expensive. Style doesn't need to be conformist. Style just needs to be you. The thrill of thrifting is in the chase. Being chic and having swag is as much about mindset and attitude as it is about thrifting the perfect item to tie a killer outfit together.

Need more convincing? Check out - and give a follow - to these thrift bloggers who ooze style, no matter what they are wearing.

That Curly Top

All about sustainability with her style, That Curly Top (Jazmine Rodgers) is all about environmental justice in everything she does. Her vibe is to show that anyone can live with their style sustainably - even though it can be rough going if (like her) you are used to spending $$$ at the mall every weekend.

Her mantra is that small choices make a big impact and her Insta is full of daily decisions that she makes to make the world a better place. Follow her if you aren't afraid to fail and if trying new things is part of how you want to live your life.

Never Ever Pay Retail

I mean...the Insta handle pretty much says it all here no?

Proving that the thrift game exists anywhere in the world you want it to, Never Ever Pay Retail (Hannah) is thrifting her way around Australia. For her there are two reasons to thrift. Firstly, clothing is overpriced and the thrill of the chase makes every find worth it. Secondly, the clothing industry is among the biggest polluters in the world and not contributing to that cycle (while often helping out charity) is everything.

Follow here for tips on sustainability, saving money, and - as much as anything - to see what thrifting (and style) is like on the other side of the world.

Hey Allie XO

Hey Allie XO (Allison Kelley) has pride in her swag. The self confessed polka-dot enthusiast thrifts for the pride it gives here in here clothing. Buying off rack in a chain store is easy. For Allison, the process of digging through thrift store sections - don't forget to check the men's section too! - means extra pride in finding an outfit that fits her style.

She is also another thrifter in it for the sustainability. She promotes that thrifting slows the cycle of clothing ending up in landfills and therefore the amount of waste that we create. Patience are love are the virtues you will find on here quirky Insta.

Taylor Made Style

This one effortlessly stylish shot tells you everything you need to know about Taylor Made Style (Taylor Hawkes). Black in the spring is a fashion no-no, but it is a move that drips confidence. Taylor - who once told a YouTube commenter who told her she should look at a color wheel that she doesn't follow rules - is  all about wearing what makes you feel good. That is why the haters aren't going to put an end to her all black spring ideas.

Sunset Saraid

Sunset Saraid (Saraid Claxton) is a thrift/vintage store shopper who's Insta is just pure fun. She runs a blog where each week she creates an outfit from her finds inspired by another thrifter and is just genuinely full of energy and love for the world.

She sees her role in life as to help the environment by giving discarded clothes a second chance. She also notes how part of the fun of thrifting is to think about the lives the clothes had before she found them. This is especially true of vintage pieces which could hav been drip before drip was a thing.

What other thrifters are worth a follow? Let us at Goodfair know with a comment below!

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