The 8 Best Summer Tops: How to Look Hotter than the Weather

Here’s a list of 8 summer tops you need to have in constant rotation, much like your favorite thrifted vinyl records. You can wear summer tops with your skirts, jeans, or shorts, and look good without much effort, but the real magic comes out in the styling. Add your own personal touch to create unique summer outfits with pretty much any summer piece from our collection

Here are some effortless ways to make subtle shifts to your look with just a tuck or cuff for different occasions. Check out all of our before and after looks created by our styling team.  

Pullover-style Summer Tops: Women’s Thrifted T-Shirts With Lace, Thrifted Tanks and Short-Sleeve Blouses



Are you craving something other than a plain t-shirt to pull on? See-through materials like lace and sheer fabrics add some mystery to your summer outfits.

White Lace Tank

Wear a white lace tank tucked into high-waisted straight leg jeans for a cute daytime outfit for going out for a bite to eat at lunch or running errands. 

How to style: Lace tank tops can dress up a casual outfit instantly. Tuck your shirt in all of the way for a clean line around your waist. Pull the shirt out a touch so your outfit is comfortable and easy to move around in.


White Lace T-Shirt



With this t-shirt made of lace, you don’t have to choose between your polished feminine and comfy casual style. 

How to style: Wear this look with a “French tuck” by tucking just the front of the shirt into a pair of ripped jeans. Wearing lace with ripped jeans gives it a summer vibe for meeting up with friends for a picnic or browsing your local farmer’s market.


Black Sheer T-Shirt



This summer top is great for layering over a black knit midi dress. 

How to style: Tie a knot in the back of the dress for a styled outfit that shows off your shape. Using a back tie creates a more defined silhouette at the waist. The beauty of this look is you can wear it to transition from day to night by simply swapping your shoes. Wear it with sneakers, sandals, or heels to suit any mood or occasion.

Sleeveless Summer Tops: Going Out Tank Tops


Things are open now, and going out is on everyone’s minds. It’s the right time to have fun with style, since so many of your favorite pieces have been waiting in your closet for months. If you're in need of some [not] new pieces—grab a set of three mystery Dressy Tank Tops.

Gold Sequin Top


Shimmer like it’s the roaring twenties in a gold sequin top. 

How to style: This summer top looks great with (faux) leather pants, tucked in just a tad in the front. A couple of quick tucks will make it look effortless and stylish. Wear this summer outfit with heels or a heeled bootie for a dinner date or to go out with friends.

Black Floral Tank Top


 Wear a black floral tank top for a goth-inspired look to channel your inner vampire on those warm summer nights.  

How to style: This summer shirt can also be worn with (faux) leather pants and sandals or sneakers.   

Thrifted Short Sleeve Shirts and Long Sleeve Button Downs

Thrifted button downs are the perfect summer shirt because you can style them in so many ways.

How to style: Leave a short-sleeve blouse open at the midriff apart from a few buttons, tied above the waist, or unbuttoned at the top and pulled down to reveal your neck and shoulders.


Red Gingham Button Down

Nothing says summer picnics like gingham.  

How to style: We styled this red gingham button down by buttoning just a few buttons in the middle of the shirt and tying the ends at the bottom. It feels relaxed and cute for daytime coffee dates or just going out to walk the dog.


Brown Button Down

 The color of this brown button down is so earthy and chill. 

How to style: We love how you can just button one or two buttons in summer and bare your midriff for a super casual, chill vibe. Wear the sleeves however you like, whether cuffed, rolled or scrunched and don’t be afraid of asymmetry if you can’t decide. This look works well with high waisted straight leg jeans.


Zebra Button Down

Isn’t zebra print so cute on a summer top? 

How to style: Recreate this look by leaving the top unbuttoned and tying it at the waist over a black knit midi dress. Roll up the sleeves and waltz into your favorite thrift store to browse the racks. This outfit is good for daytime, especially when you want to look polished.

Don’t forget to check the site each week for our newest drops for creating the perfect summer outfits or shop our summer collection of thrifted bundles.

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