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6 Pride Month Style Tips to Try for Gender Neutral Outfits

Queer man wearing glitter for Pride Month 2020


Tired of fashion telling you what gender to be? Let’s face it--not everyone follows “feminine” or “masculine” style norms. 

According to Vice, teens are increasingly forgoing gendered pronouns: “Fifty-six percent of 13-to-20-year-olds said that they knew someone who went by gender neutral pronouns such as “they,” “them,” or “ze,” compared to 43 percent of people aged 28 to 34 years old.” But how does that translate into fashion? 

To honor the 50th anniversary of Pride Day coming up this year, we wanted to offer a step-by-step guide on ways to make your clothing less fixed and more fluid. Whether you’re celebrating with full on neon-glitter-rainbow-unicorn energy or just casually experimenting, we hope you’ll embrace what gender neutrality has to offer.   


Woman wearing unisex rainbow striped tank and man wearing androgynous clothing

What is Pride month and why is it celebrated?

Starting in 1970, Gay Pride Day has been celebrated on the last Sunday of June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall uprising in Manhattan. Over the past fifty years, LGBTQ+ communities have improved their visibility with Pride events that span the month of June in major cities throughout the world. 

Like many Pride events this year, the famous San Francisco Gay Pride Parade is cancelled due to COVID-19, but it will take place virtually on June 27th and 28th. Other virtual events on that weekend will take place out of New York City, Seattle, and San Antonio


How to wear gender neutral clothing proudly this month

Unisex, androgynous, non-binary, gender-inclusive and gender neutral clothing all aim to challenge gender norms. Here are some tips for blurring the gender lines in your own closet.  


Gender nuetral gender fluid androgynous non-binary unisex and queer clothing

One: Defy color and pattern expectations

Gender-inclusive clothing ranges the full color and pattern spectrum. Don’t be afraid to wear “girly” flowers or “boyish” plaid if you feel it reflects your identity. The only rule for color and pattern is there are no rules.  

Two: Challenge the sizing status quo 

Gender-inclusive means wearing clothes the way you want them to fit. That might mean cinching in where others stay loose, or wearing oversized clothing to challenge “conventional” wisdom. 

Three: Juxtapose men’s and women’s signifiers

High heels with that suit? Check. Tie with that dress? Yes, please. Whether you’re into corsets, silk scarves, suspenders, chaps or any other object that screams gender, make it your own. 


Gender neutral clothing on LGBTQ women holding hands  

Four: Personalize with DIY sewing, up-cycling and adjustments

Crafting belongs to all genders, whether it’s embroidery, tailoring, or garment dyeing. Take on a playful DIY project to push the boundaries. 

Five: Check all store sections and departments: the whole store belongs to you

This is the beauty of gender neutral clothing. You don’t have to walk in a straight line down that clothing aisle. 

Six: Shop thrift clothing to make it more sustainable

When in doubt, buy used clothing. It’s the number one way to ensure that your clothes won’t harm the planet (and save money!) while having fun. 


Our Goodfair surprise bundles are ideal for gender-inclusive shopping. Tell us your preferences on color and size when you order and we’ll do our best to match them. 


Article written by Erica Eller

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