Internet stalking Paul Cantu: Here’s what I found out

Paul Cantu is a super successful Youtube influencer with a passion for thrift. But who is he, really? I scoured the internet to learn more.

You might have seen that Paul Cantu recently waltzed into the Goodfair Warehouse eating a giant cucumber with his close friend and thrifting ally, @lilkinkytwi_.


He unboxed some mystery boxes, noting every zipper and embroidered detail on the 90s windbreakers. And with his friend, he styled some Goodfair outfits. Watch the video to see what I’m talking about. 

But who is Paul “Thrift God” Cantu and how did he rise to internet fame? I did some digging, and you’re not going to believe what I found out about this Texas-based thrifting genius.

1. He recorded his first trip to the thrift Youtube video in 2012, way before it was cool. 

I couldn't help but smile when I saw the Little Trees car freshener hanging from his rear view mirror, as he parks at the Goodwill in the video. 

2. By 2016, he had 160K Youtube subscribers and today, he has 645K subscribers. 

Let’s do the math. He started on July 20, 2012, so it has been almost 8 years, 8 months, or 3160 days to be exact. That means he has averages: 

  • 73,714 followers per year,
  • 6,202 followers per month, and
  • 204 followers per day

My mind is blown--both by the staggering numbers and from using my calculator. 

Paul Cantu

3. His most viewed video with 2.9 million views is his DIY vintage sneaker restoration of these Jordan Metallic 5s. 

After that video, his fans let him know they were too glossy. So, being the deity he is, he went back and repainted the shoes with a different brand of paint to make the restoration appear less shimmery and more matte--closer to the original look. I’m sure the serious shoe collectors appreciated this update. 

4. According to this interview, he majored in studio art. 

And back then, he managed 4-5 videos per week, as a full-time student and part-time RA at his dorm. But all the hard work paid off. 

5. He bought a house at age 26 from thrifting.

He even crowdsourced his choice of a home. 

6. Buying a house turned him on to a new eco-friendly hobby: gardening. 

Watch this tragic video on how the recent Texas freeze destroyed his leafy greens. But I love how he turns a sad story into one with a happy ending: he’s replanting all with native plants.  

7. He’s really good at painting old school cartoons onto clothing. 

Check out his Taz jeans jacket, Mickey Mouse suitcase, and this Takashi Murakami-inspired Canadian tuxedo.

8. He started a modern-day family and made this gender reveal video, which will make you chuckle. 

9. He named his van the thrift chariot

10. After all these years, he’s still doing “trip to the thrift” videos ...and sometimes finding Burberry.

What I’ve learned from internet stalking Paul Cantu is this: not only did he successfully monetize his thrift-based lifestyle, he is very in touch with the pulse of thrifted fashion and helpful in each of  his fashion and DIY tutorials. On top of that, he has superhuman drive, ambition and video editing skills.  

Style your own Goodfair outfits with the same mystery boxes featured in Paul Cantu’s warehouse. Visit video: Pre-Loved Windbreakers, Pre-Loved Flannel Shirts, Pre-Loved Everyday Jackets


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