How to Sell Used Clothes from Goodfair Online

In the past, selling clothes online was limited to gigantic sites like Ebay. Today, you can sell the clothes from your closet online much easier, and you can build a social following, too. Learn how to sell used clothes from Goodfair (or wherever) online. 

Are you one of those people who loves to shop and fills your closet too full? Or are you one of the people who became a minimalist after watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix?

If you’ve ever tried to edit your closet, you probably ended up wondering: What am I supposed to do with the things I don’t want anymore?

Today, there are loads of reselling options that never existed in the past. Social sites like Instagram, Depop and Poshmark, while older selling sites like Etsy and Ebay offer ways to resell clothes and make a buck.  

Selling your used clothes t-shirts and other Goodfair products online

Tips for reselling clothes from Goodfair

At Goodfair, we sell clothing staples in key categories that we know people love. But every time you buy from us, there’s an element of surprise. You can choose a limited set of options, but we won’t promise you an exact shirt or pair of pants. 

This is because we’re on a mission to give discarded clothes a longer life. The point is to put perfectly usable clothes back in the hands of shoppers who will use their creative fashion powers to keep them in rotation. 

Sometimes we send you a perfect match for your taste, but other times, you might decide to let it go. Instead of throwing it away, we encourage you to use it as merchandise in your own online side hustle. Here are some things to keep in mind when you do so.   

  • Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean someone else won’t
  • As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Don’t assume your own taste is unanimous among all shoppers out there. Add it to the “flip” pile and give it a chance. 

  • The selling is in the styling and presentation
  • You can make almost any t-shirt, jacket or pair of pants look amazing with the right accessories, hair, and shoes. The secret sauce to making clothes look good is your own personal taste. 

    On top of that, product photography can make or break your online sales. Make sure you show the product, give it some good lighting and put it in a context people can relate to. 

    Help show them not only WHAT you’re selling, but HOW to wear it. 

  • Upcycling can make basics more attractive
  • Sometimes all a basic t-shirt needs to look good is a cropped hemline or some fabric dye. Or, if you’re good at mending or tailoring clothes, you can add value through minor improvements. 

    Goodfair Clothes Denim and Hats are Great for Selling Used Clothes Online

    Where to sell clothes online

    • Depop is an online platform where clothing sales and social media collide. It’s a great place to buy and follow fashion while selling from your own closet. It’s more popular among Gen Z than any other age group. People with an eye for creative styling and social media photography thrive there. 
    • Poshmark has a similar concept to Depop. If you like Depop, why not open up a Poshmark account while you’re at it. You’ll get more eyes on your clothes. 
    • Etsy is perfect for people who collect and sell vintage or make DIY upcycled clothes. It’s a creative fashionista’s paradise. 
    • Ebay is the oldest online marketplace, which is a place to buy and place bids on goods. You can sell anything, not just clothes. It is a bit massive, so you’ll want to create compelling descriptions to ensure your pieces get seen. 
    • Instagram - yep! People are also turning their IG accounts into mini online shops for used clothes with the hashtag #shopmycloset.  

    Do you have an online buying or selling story wroth sharing? Tell us in the comments. 

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    Article written by Erica Eller


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