Cheap, green and crafty gift wrapping ideas

Save money and reduce waste with these crafty, creative gift wrapping ideas.  We cover recycled paper, reusable wrapping ideas, DIY projects and some classic gift wrapping hacks.

Get crafty this year and make one of a kind gifts that are easy to make, affordable and fun. Plus, they’ll look gorgeous under the tree.  

Recycled gift wrap

gift wrapped in sheet music

You don’t have to buy gift wrap from the store to create a beautifully wrapped gift. Here are some other wraps you can make from things around the house to keep your wrapping eco-friendly. 

  • Gift wrap alternatives 

There are so many alternative papers that work great for gift wrap. Consider using sheet music, magazine pages, old maps, newspaper or stenciled paper from brown paper bags. 

  • Reverse chip bags 

Take your bag of Doritos and cut it into a nice rectangular sheet. Wash the shiny silver side and use it for a tinsel colored gift wrap. 

  • Toilet paper tube

Fold the sides of a toilet paper tube in to enclose a small gift. Then wrap a piece of tissue or wrapping paper around the center with a ribbon. 

Reusable gift wrap 

silk scarf gift wrapping idea

The best gift wrap is more like a second gift than packaging material. 

  • Vintage silk scarves

Wrap boxes in vintage silk scarves and tie the ends into a cute bow at the top of the gift. You can find silk or acrylic scarves for less than $5 at most thrift stores. 

  • Mason jar

Mason jars are beautiful containers to use for small gift cards, pens, watches, jewelry, pocket-sized planners and other smaller items. To hide the gift, lin the inside with gift wrap. 

  • Planter or vase

If you have old glass vases or terra cotta planters around the house, these are great containers for gifts instead of boxes. Wrap your gift in tissue paper and then place it inside the planter or vase, which can be reused. For smaller gifts, this idea also works with mugs, wine glasses or tea cups. 

 DIY gift wrap

shirt sleeve gift wrapping idea

Use things you have at home to create lovely packages to place under the Christmas tree. 

  • Shirt sleeve wine holder

Cut off the sleeve of an old button up shirt. Turn your fabric tube inside out and either staple or sew the bottom seam shut. Reverse the fabric back to the right side, and slide your wine bottle into this DIY wine slip. Tie ribbon around the top and your gift is ready.  

  • Foliage for decoration

Go to the nearest lawn, park or garden and collect some fresh sprigs of evergreen foliage, twigs or pinecones to add to your gifts for decoration. 

  • Tie dyed tissue paper 

Spray diluted paint onto tissue paper from a spray bottle. Alternate with a second color. When your paper dries, it will look tie dyed. 

Gift wrapping hacks toilet paper tube gift wrapping idea

These popular gift wrapping hacks are famous on the internet right now. 

  • Diagonal folding 

There is a lot of hype around the fact that diagonal folding gives you more coverage than standard rectangular folding, if you’re short on wrapping paper. Find this hack and more here

  • Hair flat iron to smooth old ribbons

The same way you can straighten your hair, you can use a flat iron for hair to eliminate wrinkles in old fabric ribbons.

  • Glue gun

A glue gun is a gift wrapper’s best friend. It is the easiest way to attach ornaments. You can attach foliage, sparkles, buttons, ribbons and more to make your package unique. 

  • Save the gift wrap and boxes you receive

When you open gifts, remember to open them with care and save all the paper to reuse next year on your own gifts. 


Give the gift of thrift this year and shop our holiday gift guide.

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