The Best Back to Schools Memes

Going back to school means new books, new classes, new friends and new memes. This year feels like you’ll either be distance-learning forever or throwing yourselves into a hot mess with schools reopening. Whatever your situation is, these memes will help you cope. 

Going back to school this year feels a bit different.

Some schools are reopening with stocks of hand sanitizer, face masks and prayers. Clear your throat in class, and everyone's going to be staring at you. 

Other schools are staying online, and students continue to feel like they’re spending their college years alone in their bedrooms. Just when you want to gain some independence, COVID-19 is not letting it happen.  

Whatever you’re feeling, from excitement to dread, there are memes to help you process the experience. Adding laughter to pain might make it a little more bearable. 

14 Memes to Kick off the School Year

1. At the end of school last spring, you could roll out of bed and open zoom in a matter of a few minutes. If you’re back to school in person, you’re going to need some time to adjust.

Back to school meme spongebob squarepants quarantine sleep schedule

2. But the good thing is, you’ll actually get to see people instead of staring at your bedroom walls.

Actually want to come back to school meme

 3. Catching up with friends might feel a bit like catching up on ancient history.

4.  And you might come up with new ways of keeping friendship at a distance.

Finger guns for social distancing back to school meme 

5. But even if you’re happy to see friends, your teachers are not having it one bit.

Teachers wearing hazmat suits The Office back to school meme

6. Not all schools are going to open, because the world is kind of a mess right now. If that’s the case, class will feel like this.

The world apocalypse vs zoom screen back to school meme

7. That doesn’t keep people from suffering from coron-anxiety though.

When someone coughs in class on zoom meme

8. And getting everyone on the same page can be tough. Because technology.

Teacher zoom image meme

9. And that technology sounds cool in theory, but then it hits you. You realize you’ll have to get used to this for a while.

Laughing at class of 2020 vs class of 2021 spending whole year online meme

10. But even worse is the realization of how much this sucks for your finances.

Online classes with full tuition meme

10. Other than that, school kind of feels the same...

K equals FC squared back to school meme

11. Because seniors

Friendly seniors meme

12. And mental health struggles

Mental health vs school meme

13. And responsibilities

Watches netflix happily vs stressfully meme

14. And tears.  




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Article written by Erica Eller


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