90s Hairstyles are coming back thanks to these fashion icons

Fashion icons of the ‘90s are back in the spotlight, especially for their hair. Classic ‘90s hairstyles are becoming popular again, and we’ve pulled together a list of pop culture reference points to draw upon in your style.

Fashion trends aren’t just making a subtle nod to the ‘90s anymore, they’re embracing the funky colors and signature hair trends outright. The scrunchies and the butterfly clips have been reemerging from the past, but that’s just the beginning. 

Here are some of the most iconic pop culture icons and their noteworthy hairstyles from the last decade of the 20th century. 

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'90s hairstyles are coming back 

Man with bleached blonde 90s hairstyle


This movie brought preppy looks into the mainstream when the movie became a hit in 1995. The matching tartan pleated skirt and jacket outfits Cher and Dionne (Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash) wore with the knee high socks and mary janes are an iconic example of anti-grunge ‘90s looks. 

Their hair also exemplified popular looks which are coming back today. Pretty much every style in the movie could work today.  

Hair inspo: 

  • Dionne’s box braids
  • Cher’s high ponytail
  • Amber’s outward flip


    The girl group TLC brought hip hop styles into the mainstream in the ‘90s. They showed how you could both coordinate with your friends’ styles while showing your individuality. With so much variety in their hairstyles, they still managed to keep immediately recognizable looks.   

    Hair inspo: 

    • Left Eye’s updos and straight bangs
    • T-boz’s colorful hair dye palette
    • Chilli’s natural waves and mini side braids

    Woman with a space buns hairstyle


    Obviously the cast of Friends made the “shag” hairstyle popular, thanks to Jennifer Anniston’s character Rachel. It became so popular, hairdressers know what you mean when you say you want “the Rachel.” Other cast members also had great hair, though, too. Phoebe played by Lisa Kudrow mastered the wispy pieces of long bangs hanging down from half updos. Joey played by Matt LeBlanc had that gelled men’s hairdo which is coming back.   

    Hair inspo: 

    • “The Rachel”
    • Pheobe’s wispy long bangs
    • Joey’s gelled hair

    Spice Girls

    The Spice Girls brought hairstyle and fashion variety to the forefront. Each singer had her own signature look, all of which became iconic. Whether it was hair dye, funky updos or a flawless afro, Spice Girls styles are a treasure trove of hair ideas. 

    Hair inspo: 

    • Ginger Spice’s chunky highlights
    • Baby Spice’s high pigtails
    • Scary Spice’s famous space buns and afro

    Woman in overalls wearing mini flower clips in her hair and holding a camera


    Justin Timberlake got his start in the ‘90s boy band N’Sync  The group showed that men’s popstar hair identities could be as diverse as their female counterparts. Even if some of their looks didn’t age well (Chris Kirkpatrick’s “pineapple” braids”), the pendulum swing of fashion is bringing many of these looks back. 

    Hair inspo:

    • Justin Timberlake’s bleach blonde curly locks
    • Joey fatone’s red highlights

    Gwen Stefani

    1990s ska and rockabilly music came with its own look which still works today: Doc Martens, plaid men’s pants and baby tees. Gwen Stefani became the poster child of the fusion of California skater culture and vintage pin-up hairstyles. Here are a few styles she’s best known for. 

    Hair inspo:
    • Bantu buns
    • Space buns and neon hair dye
    • Victory rolls

    Woman with a pixie cut holding flowers and wearing a vintage blazer

    '90s Halle Berry

    We can’t leave without mentioning Halle Berry’s perfect pixie cut. Even though the pixie had been around before she cut her hair short, she made it look flawless. 

    Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

    Never really going out of style, this grunge couple had almost the same hair. Kurt’s tragic death in 1994 marked a turning point towards a more optimistic, candy color infused style, but his music has never faded. 

    Hair inspo: 

    • Bleached bedhead

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