3 Top Celebrity Stylists who Love Vintage Fashion

Three jet set stylists who love thrift weigh in on what it takes to incorporate second-hand clothing in A-list looks. We love their creative approaches to raising the profile of pre-loved fashion. 

Long before it was trendy, model Kate Moss hunted for vintage. But even newcomer Kim Kardashian West managed to make headlines for wearing a 1998 vintage Thierry Mugler cut-out gown

Celebrities love the allure of vintage because it gives them a unique edge. Find out how three celebrity stylists use vintage to give their clients buzzworthy looks.  

Sami Miro, Sustainable Fashion Designer and Stylist 

A long-time thrift shopper, Sami Miro decided to take an unconventional path by using reworked vintage pieces to create the brand Sami Miro Vintage. And it worked. 

Just a month after launching her brand, Selena Gomez hired Miro to style her world tour. Her approach to fashion has also caught the attention of renowned artists like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid who have purchased pieces from her. 

Actually, her career started in tech, but her move from San Francisco to Los Angeles inspired Miro to enter into the world of fashion. 

Fortunately for her, Los Angeles has massive stocks of vintage clothing. And as a native to the Bay Area where most people have a high eco-IQ, Miro had no doubts about making her brand sustainable. 

These elements combine into a style that is not nostalgic so much as smart, future-oriented and thought-provoking. Miro’s vintage-sourced style keeps things fresh. 


Arianne Phillips, Film Costume Designer and Stylist for Madonna

As the costume designer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Arianne Phillips fell down the rabbit hole of vintage to evoke the life and time of Sharon Tate. Her main aim was historical accuracy. 

In order to achieve the authenticity she craved, she sourced about half of the costumes from vintage specialty shops. Going one step further, she even consulted with Tate’s sister to eye remaining garments from her original wardrobe.  

In the same way she worked with director Quentin Tarantino to use vintage pieces to tell a story, Phillips has also worked for years as Madonna’s stylist. They would develop characters together that Phillips would capture with clothing. 

Whether on film or on the stage, Phillips’s work shows how vintage fashion weaves a narrative. 

Penny Lovell, Stylist with Vintage Taste for Anne Hathaway 

For Anne Hathaway’s press tour for Colossal, Penny Lovell decided to go easy on the planet with her vintage styling for the actress. The pieces ranged from high-fashion archival pieces to flea-market finds. 

Both the actress and the stylist agreed that sustainability is the future of fashion. As a long-time vintage fashion hunter, Lovell pulled pieces both from her own personal collection. 

The styling concept aimed at inspiring young women to forge their own fashion path and to think sustainably about their clothing choices.   

These three stylists prove that thrift can even make a sustainable impact on screen, on stage and on the red carpet.  


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Article Written by Erica Eller

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