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The Thriftalicious Bundle: Set of 10

The Thriftalicious Bundle: Set of 10

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10 Awesome pieces

1 Hooded Sweatshirt

2 Printed Crewneck Sweatshirts

4 Tee Shirts

2 Flannels

1 Light Zipper Jacket

a normal value of $90 all for $75!

This bundle is not only tasty! It's Thriftalicious! Get yourself totally immersed in the thrift shop experience by going HAAM on this thrift box. This is more than a few thrift pieces, this is a whole frickin' wardrobe in a box. 

 Have yourself HOURS AND HOURS from having to wade through racks . You will love this bundle and save a bunch of moola as well. 

Stay thrifty my friends! 



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