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Preloved Light Zipper Jackets | Set of 2

Preloved Light Zipper Jackets | Set of 2

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When crisp autumn temperatures hit, you won’t be worried. Why? Because you’ll be equipped with one of our amazing light zipper jackets. Stylish, sporty, and incredibly cool, there’s nothing you won’t love about these fantastic throwback garments. Slightly thicker and heavier than a classic windbreaker, these babies will always have your back on bitterly blustery days. Each one comes with a zippered accent that adds visual interest and allows you to take it on and off with ease. Will you get a sporty full-zip that features cool color blocking? Or will you get a pre-loved pullover instead? While there’s no telling which style will show up on your doorstep, we can promise you that these jackets will successfully battle the elements while also making you look amazing. 

Instead of buying a brand new zippered jacket with a “thrift-inspired” sense of style, we encourage you opt for the real thing. Not only will it keep your look 100% authentic, but it will also keep clothing from taking up precious space in our planet’s landfills.

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