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This year, we challenge you to buy no new things.

Become a conscious consumer. Rethink your habits by shopping secondhand and buying only what you need.

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What You Need to Know

What's No New Things?

“No new things” is buying secondhand products or not buying anything you don’t truly need.

Why join the movement?

By joining the movement, you can become a conscious consumer. You are saving your money and our planet!

I pledged, what's next?

Once you pledge, the real work begins! Evaluate how you define your wants and needs and find a secondhand or sustainable alternative. Share your journey with your friends & family and lead by example.


Make an impact. Take a simple step to embracing secondhand living.
Plus, get rewarded (as a Greenhouse Insider) all while rewarding Mother Earth.

What can you pledge to not buy new this year?
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Transportation [+]
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Challenge friends or fam (think of them as your accountability buddies) to take the #nonewthings pledge, and you’ll receive $10 off your next preloved purchase when 2 of them take the pledge.

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I pledged to #nonewthings in 2021 for things. Join me and pledge!