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A community-driven, sustainable online thrift store.

Goodfair offers secondhand clothing and accessories from brands you know and love for women, men and kids. Our mission is to provide sustainable fashion with a conscience that is accessible to all.

Save money while doing good.

You can shop secondhand and go at the same time. Goodfair is an online thrift store that gives you access to affordable, sustainable clothing - without any of the guilt. Get eco-friendlyfashion that’s on trend and a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Shop like a conscious consumer

With Goodfair you can shop for affordable and meaningful clothing without the guilt of perpetuating the cycle of fast fashion. We’re here to change the game, one bundle at a time.

Reduce your environmental footprint

Nothing new means you won’t contribute to the garbage in our oceans and landfills, but it also means you won’t have a wardrobe that feels stale or boring, Our bundles are a complete surprise until you unpack them, so there’s no more guesswork when shopping for something you’ll love.

Help fight waste and create a better world