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Goodfair provides recycled goods. We do not manufacture any of our products. What you can expect is a delightful surprise item based on what we currently have in stock.We will do everything in our thrifting powers to fulfill your request, but we cannot guarantee.

Cassandra C.

The design on the sweatshirt surprised me and I’m glad I was able to help the planet.

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A Bunch of Shit

Goodfair offers unisex thrift with a focus on sustainability, ethics, individualized style, and affordable fashion.. Check out my personal two favorites below! If these two aren’t for you, click the Shop All link to see all their awesome offerings!



cop this shit


just give us your money

eat a jawn

How it works

We ship all of our clothing in variety packs chosen according to your size and taste. This eliminates the cost of photographing, measuring, and describing every garment which lowers the price for all of us. Satisfaction is guaranteed, if you don't like what we send you we'll send you another box of clothes til we get it right. It's that simple.

Why is everything a surprise?

Uploading each item is too expensive for us and you!

By skipping these steps we pass the savings to you and you don’t have to scroll through millions of items. If you don’t like your item just pay for shipping and we’ll send you another!

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