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Everyone looks good in green!🌎 At Goodfair, we sell hand-picked, pre-loved ♻ items. We can't guarantee a specific style, but we can promise that you'll love the way you feel in our eco-friendly, new-to-you looks.

Ambassador Application

Hello + thank you for your interest in working with us!

We are happy to send you clothing in exchange for some shoutouts on Instagram.

Brand Ambassador Program


The expectations
and experience

  • First step:
  • We provide you with three (3) garments of your choice. You specify the size, desired style, etc…

    Once you receive the package:

    Please photograph the following...

  1. Arrival of your Goodfair shipment
  2. Goodfair items laid out/showcasing what you received
  3. Multiple ‘unique’ looks that you have created with your Goodfair merchandise.

Our ask

Our ask is three (3) posts on your Instagram feed to be published within one (1) month of receiving your garments. These posts should be involving/showcasing your Goodfair outfits and experience. This is where you can get creative and express your individuality using repurposed clothing.

Send us an email

Once all three (3) posts have been made public, please send us an email to and we will evaluate the experience, then move forward from there. Often times we will continue supplying garments to partners that are reliable + deliver in a timely manner.

If this is important to you, we would love to continue working together as we grow and release new products!

Let's make a difference!

When you decide what you want, we will need for you to give us the following information:

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