We believe we can all do our part.

Our Philosophy: Recycled Goods, Low Prices. Eliminating Waste, Full Transparency.

Fast fashion has created a demand for low prices which has forced production to be farmed out to sweatshops. At Goodfair we don’t make anything new - cutting down on the need for low wage factories across the globe.



We are a community focused on reversing consumerism and its effects on the planet.

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Fast fashion is #cancelled

Our Clothes

Variety Packs

We ship all of our clothing in variety packs chosen according to your size and taste. This eliminates the cost of photographing, measuring, and describing every garment which lowers the price for all of us.

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Second Hand First

Isn't there already enough stuff?

With all of the sweatshops and environmental problems fast fashion and new clothing causes- we are just one small company that doesn’t want to make more stuff.