Types of Crystals and their Healing Powers for Manifesting Good Things in 2021

Learn how healing crystals absorb and transfer energy to your mind, body and spirit. We share different types of crystals that will help you manifest your wishes and repair your spirit. 

We could all use some healing and good energy in 2021. So let’s talk about healing crystals. Believe in their powers or not, they’re gorgeous natural formations that are a joy to collect. Hear me out.  

Crystals form over a period of millions of years. Made of high heat and pressure within the earth’s crust, they are ancient, structurally invincible, and full of earth energy. Practitioners of crystal healing draw upon ancient Hindu medicine, which defines seven chakras where our energy flows. 

Crystals are used to heighten these seven points of energy flow, in centers such as the heart chakra for love and self-love or the third eye chakra for intuition. 

You can find healing crystals in metaphysical stores in person or online. However, you should try choosing crystals that you feel an inner pull towards in person. We all have different spiritual needs, and your healing crystals choose you. 

How to use your crystals

Burning sage near healing crystals to cleanse them

  • Cleanse them by placing them under moonlight or shrouding them in sage smoke to remove bad energy
  • Set an intention for your stone, say it out loud while holding it: My intention for you is ___. 
  • Hold your stones while meditating. 
  • Wear your stone as an amulet or carry it with you in your pocket. 
  • Place larger stones in the rooms of your home where they’ll be most helpful. 

There are lots of different crystals to choose from, but here are some popular options for manifesting your desires. 

Types of healing crystals 

Healing crystals around a tree


Helps you manifest your inner purpose and connect to upper chakras. It’s associated with the healing properties of restful sleep and balanced emotions. 

Black tourmaline

Protect your home and psyche from negative energy. It absorbs negative energy and should be cleansed often. Use it to support your spine and joints. 


Gold and glamorous, surround yourself with this crystal to improve your wealth and abundance. It helps you maintain a healthy gut and mind, so your synapses fire rapidly. 

Clear Quartz

A spiritual window which glitters with every color in the spectrum of light. Heighten your ability to channel your inner spirit throughout your everyday life. It helps with circulation and immunity. 

Lapis Lazuli

Worn by royalty of antiquity, this stone is associated with wisdom and good judgment. Use it to consult with the spirit realm and find the true and best possible outcome for a difficult decision. 

Different types of healing crystals organized in a circle on a table


Heal your inner compass by embracing the peaceful optimism and goodwill of opal. Improve your mood and deepen your psychic awareness while connecting to your third eye chakra. 

Rose Quartz 

Empathy, compassion and love are bound up in the powers of this crystal, which connects to your heart chakra. Use it to find your true love or improve self love and heal emotional wounds. It’s good for heart health and blood pressure. 


Expand your consciousness, heal your psyche and understand your life journey with selenite. This stone connects you to broad healing powers for your mind, body and spirit.   

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