Tips for Working Remotely: How to be You and Keep Your Sanity

Working remotely is the new norm. We cover a range of tips on how to make it go smoothly. From basic self-care to setting time boundaries and finding your motivation, read this post.  

Working remotely is hard to get used to at first. Time is more slippery, it’s hard not to get lost in your thoughts, and even harder to avoid social media and the infinite scrolling. It can feel lonely, lackluster, disorganized, and demotivating. Worst of all, you might not feel like yourself under these new conditions. 

More than ever, it’s important to stay strong in your purpose this year. Here are some tips to hold your work life together. 

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Block out time for self-care 

I’m not talking about luxury self care. I’m talking about basics. Some days, you’ll be tempted not to brush your teeth. Don’t give in to that temptation. Make time for even the most obvious self-care habits and routines. It will help you feel better, stay fresh and keep your self esteem high. 

  • Showers
  • Meals
  • Exercise
  • Grocery runs
  • Mom or bestie calls
  • Walks outside
  • Meditation 
  • Breaks from social media and news 

Design a workspace

I understand everyone’s living situation is different. Here are some things I personally like to have to help me work just about anywhere.  

  • Laptop and monitor, if there’s space
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Natural light
  • Dry-erase board or a notebook for handwritten notes
  • Comfortable chair and desk (don’t forget ergonomics!)
  • Zoom-friendly backdrop
  • Enough privacy for concentration and calls
  • A few objects that make you swoon (I enjoy my owl snow globe)

Get dressed, but wear comfortable clothes

Get dressed for the routine, but wear what you want. People are generally more understanding these days about the dress code. Even if they’re not, no one can dictate your pants. Choose pants that are easy to stretch and move in, so you can stand-up and get out of the unhealthy sitting position often. Instead of “no pants,” try these: 

Set boundaries on your time

Our minds need lots of rest to avoid burnout. Plan your breaks using the Pomodoro technique Tomato Timer, which recommends a 5 minute break every half hour. Remember to take your mind off work when the day and week are over, too. 

  • Take breaks 
  • Start the day at x o’clock
  • End the day at y o’clock
  • Take weekends off and don’t respond until Monday

Keep people in the loop

Words, people. Ask clarifying questions. Respond quickly. Keep the information flowing. Don’t get trapped in your little remote working bubble. 

  • Benchmark your progress and send updates
  • Create a shared docs and files system
  • Make a chat group for office gossip
  • Don’t assume people know what you mean--explain things clearly

 Image of a woman listening to headphones

Some days, you’ll need motivation

You’ll need something to get you going when you’re sluggish, giving zero f$$$ks or not getting out of bed. Find out what works for putting you in the mood to bounce back.   

  • Add movement, stretching and walks into the day
  • Create a momentum-building playlist 
  • Choose your go-to inspirational podcasts
  • Paste a motivational quote on the wall
  • Set goals, cross them off a checklist and reward yourself

Take care of yourselves and check out our Comfy Cozy Bundle for days when you don't have any Zoom calls. 

Let us know your own strategies for working remotely in the comments. 


Written by Erica Eller


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