Unique and Sustainable Gifts You Can Give to Anyone

Choosing a gift can be super hard, so we came up with this list of sustainable gifts. These gifts help people live more sustainably, learn to make their own things, or share benefits in other ways. Each one is a unique and personal way to spread love  during the holidays.

Check out these easy gift ideas for giving everyone you know a memorable gift with a sustainable impact behind it. 

Sustainable gifts for everyone on your list 

Vinyl records from a thrift-store to give as a sustainable gift

Thrifted clothing by personality type

Don’t know what to get as a gift? Thrifted items are always eco-friendly and always unique. Take the guesswork out of shopping by choosing gifts that match the personality of the gift getter. Find the perfect surprise gift by shopping our holiday gift guide. If the gift doesn’t work out, then use our replacement order service to send an alternate. 

Zero waste picnic kit

Picnics might be the best way to meet up with friends during the pandemic, but they can also create a lot of waste when you don’t plan ahead. Things like plastic bottles, paper towels, disposable cups and plastic forks, spoons and knives can all be replaced with lightweight reusable alternatives. Create a unique gift by either making your own picnic kit if you’re on a budget or buying this pre-made picnic kit from the Package Free Shop. 

Recycled jewelry

You can either make or buy jewelry that keeps waste out of the landfill. Here are some gorgeous bracelets made out of recycled vinyl albums by a New York designer. These key necklaces not only recycle, the company gives jobs to former inmates. Or if you’re creative, you can design your own jewelry made from things at home. 

A person holding a mushroom in the forest as a gift

Mushroom growing kit

If you know a plant person, but you don’t want to get them the same thing as always, try a mushroom growing kit instead. These kits give you delicious edible mushrooms. And they’re fun to learn about and they help ecosystems decompose. 

Solar Powered light and charger

We love this lightweight, solar powered charging station and light, which requires zero electricity whatsoever. It’s durable and water resistant. You can take it with you camping or for some night time reading on the back porch. Buying from Mpowerd also helps communities around the world that lack electricity. 

homemade natural diy soap to give as a sustainable gift

Homemade bar of soap or soap making kit

Soap is a pretty common gift until it’s handmade. When you make soap at home, you can give it your personal signature using different scents and essential oils. Be careful handling lye, though, because it is highly corrosive. If you’re short on time, you can gift this as a DIY project kit, instead. 

Natural dye kit

Don’t you think it would be fun to add some natural color to those socks, undies or pillow cases? That’s what makes this such a great gift. All of these natural dyes are made from plants and flowers that add their soft, earthy hues to your items. This is a great gateway gift for someone who needs a new creative outlet. 

Zero waste cookbook

For people who love to cook, this zero waste cookbook has a lot of ideas of practicing eco-friendly habits in the kitchen. They’ll love the helpful tips on making your kitchen waste free and choosing ingredients that eliminate waste. 

Friends walking on an overpass wearing face masks

Pay it forward to an organization of their choice

Money is really impersonal, so why not make your money more meaningful? Your friend can choose a sustainability campaign or organization for you to donate some amount to. Organizations like Rainforest Action Network, Earthjustice and the Sierra Club have a strong impact benefiting the environment. 

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