5 Pieces to Help You Transition from Summer to Fall Outfits

Fall is coming, but you don’t have to overhaul your wardrobe to create fall outfits. We give you a sampling of our favorite pieces for making the seasonal switch from summer. 

Transitional summer to fall outfits are the best. When the temperature starts to cool down, you don’t have to say goodbye to the attitude of your summer outfits right away. You just need a few layering pieces to keep the same vibe, but with a pinch more warmth. 

It’s nice to have a little more coverage by swapping out your shorts with jeans or just throwing on some tights under your summer dresses. Covering up your toes with socks and loafers, boots or sneakers helps keep away the chill, too. 

If you’re not quite ready to give up your strappy dresses, tank tops or tube-tops, wearing them over white tees or white button up long sleeved shirts are just a few ways to extend those summer looks further. 

90s windbreaker image

What a light jacket can do for you

We want to zoom in on the light jackets, flannels and pullover-ish pieces you’ll need to create the best fall outfits. Light jackets are easy to take with you in a tote or you can tie them around your waist. It’s nice to have them, though, because the weather can turn at any moment. These are our favorites for creating fall looks.  


90s windbreaker

Fall trends this year are embracing the brighter side of 90s fashion. There is no better way to add a pop of color to any outfit than throwing on a colorful windbreaker

Obviously, windbreakers tend to go best with the athleisure looks like your tees and biker shorts, but you can also experiment by wearing them with slip dresses for a polished look. 

For men, you can spice up black denim shorts or pants with a colorful windbreaker, too. Keep the color wheel turning by wearing it with a thrifted baseball cap


Flannel Shirt

So, this is not technically a light jacket, but you can layer an unbuttoned flannel shirt as if it’s a jacket. It’s so versatile because it looks good tied around your waist, worn unbuttoned over a crop top, or even buttoned up and half tucked in. You do you.   

We suggest flaunting one with a vintage tee and your favorite pair of jeans for a perfect fall outfit.  


a group of young people sitting at a table drinking and smoking wearing flannel shirts t-shirts and hoodies

Baja Hoodie

Definitely a must for the outdoorsy types, the baja hoodie will give you something to wear when jumping into a pile of leaves. 

It looks really good with sunglasses, too, and a surfboard. Warm up your favorite beach going outfits--whether it’s a long tie dye dress, cut offs or cargo shorts--with this guy.  

It adds texture to your sporty hiking or camping outfits too. Wear the baja hoodie with sweatpants, trekking pants or a pair of threadbare jeans for roasting marshmallows over a campfire.


Classic Hoodie or Sweatshirt

The best basic to snuggle up in for those long days of Zoom sessions. We know you all need a hug right now, and this is the best we can do, because wearing sweatshirts and hoodies feels like someone’s giving you a hug. 

a woman wearing a hoodie sweatshirt over a yellow bikini in front of a lake

Light denim jacket

It’s so classic. A denim jacket goes with everything. You can create a monochrome jeans-on-jeans look with it, or you can use it to pair with your favorite tie dye pieces. 

The nice thing about denim is you can either dress down your going out dresses (and shirts, for men) or you can add structure to looser clothes like sweat pants or trainers. 

Before completely overhauling your summer wardrobe with new things, add this one piece to your favorite summer outfits and see what happens.  

Dress it down with matching sweatpants--or wear it with whatever. There are no rules. Wear what makes you feel good, comfy, happy, healthy, warm and cozy. 


Don't forget to tell us about your favorite transitional fall outfits in the comments. 

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Article written by Erica Eller

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