Winter to spring transitional outfits for warmer weather

These trends are going to show up in everyone’s spring outfits. Here’s how to transition with thrift from winter to spring in 2021.

Spring weather can be super confusing, so it’s the best time of year to experiment.

Spring outfits for 2021

2020 fashion is gone, and this year, we’re excited about more color and funkier prints. Meanwhile, the preppy looks and oversized proportions are here to stay. 

The best part about these trends is that all of these pieces can be thrifted. The trends right now borrow heavily from mid and late-90s fashion. 

Layer with funky prints

Funky prints for spring outfits

Graphic, swirly, paisley prints are perfect to layer under your vintage tees, tanks or summer dresses to keep some warmth in spring. Whether it’s a collared shirt or a super tight stretch fabric, have fun mixing patterns.  

Eye-popping brights

If it’s green, let it be lime. If it’s pink, let it be bubble gum. Your colors don’t need to be subtle this spring. Keep your mom jeans and add a colorful top. 

90s pullovers 

Classic college sweatshirts, or name brand pullovers are in demand right now and they’re great for throwing on over pretty much anything: jeans, midi skirts, mini skirts, or slacks. 

Puffer vest

Puffer vest for spring outfits

Fleece vests and puffer vests are the perfect transitional piece. You’ll get the warmth of a soft jacket without the bulky sleeves. And whatever you layer it with depends on your taste and the weather. Choose a polo shirt, turtle neck, crop top or crew neck underneath.  

Giant suit jackets

Oversized Billie Eilish proportions are still going strong in spring. Get the look by thrifting a larger than life suit jacket to wear over wide-legged oversized pants and your favorite sneakers. 

Preppy polo shirts

Woman wearing a polo shirt in her spring outfit

Wearing classic pieces like polo shirts in a super casual way is going to make you look fashion forward this spring. The idea is not to make it look like it belongs to you, but to your dad. Test out tucking it into your skirts or jeans or wearing it with a layered under a crew neck sweater.  

Oversized sweater vests

Another great sleeveless transitional piece is the oversized sweater vest. Wear it with collared shirts, wide-legged jeans and sneakers, or pleated skirts and loafers. 

Flannel shirts

Instead of wearing your flannel shirts over things this spring, wear them under larger pieces: your sweater vests, suit jackets, puffer vests and pullovers. 

Grandpa sweaters

The best part about spring is you can replace your large winter jackets with things like chunky knit grandpa sweaters, which will keep you just warm and toasty enough for spring. Knitwear is a staple that is not going away just because the season is changing. Knits are likely going to remain in the spotlight all four seasons this year, so keep your knitting needles and stashes of yarn ready. 

Thicker soles

Platform Doc Martens in a spring outfit

Whatever kind of shoe you like to wear most, you might want to search for a chunky platform version of it this spring. That goes for Doc Martens, loafers and boots. 

And for those who plan to spend spring indoors playing video games, unaffected by the weather, check out our Mega Chiller Bundle.  

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