How to Make your Morning Rituals Magical

Learn ways to turn your morning routine into something more magical: a ritual. Our tips give you tips for savoring the aesthetically pleasing mornings and finding meaning in the steps you take to start your day. 

A routine gives your day consistency, while a ritual gives your day magic, according to Maria Popova of Brain Pickings. The aesthetic morning routine trend is making us crave magic even in the simplest things. Transform your morning routine into a ritual, so your mornings bring you wonder, awe and enthusiasm.  

Get Ready With These Morning Rituals 

A woman meditating on a rock

Set an intention as soon as you wake up

The exact moment you wake up is a very important time for your psyche. It’s when you’re crossing the boundary between the unconscious and conscious mental state. Your mind has fully renewed itself during sleep by “releasing toxins, regenerating cells, balancing hormones, and consolidating memories” according to the Chopra center

Even if your first impulse is to reach for your smartphone to check social media: don’t. Pause and think of an intention for your day before you get out of bed. This can be anything from wishing for global peace and harmony to hoping to have a productive day. Big or small, your intention will still have a positive impact. 

Focus on Earth, Air, Fire, and Water 

Think beyond your routine hygiene, movement and nourishment tasks to reconnect with the natural forces of our world.

Earth: Concentrate on feeling connected and finding your center of gravity the moment you step out of bed. You can do so by concentrating on the connection between your bare feet and the ground. 

Air: Take a deep breath and focus your intention on your breath after you stand up. Remember to breathe deeply and exhale your worries and stress away. 

Fire: When you turn on your light or open the blinds, take a moment to feel the sensation of your inner fire and energy. This is your core motivation and vitality. Appreciate it for a moment. 

Water: Drink a glass of water and enjoy the clear focus it brings you. Water helps us remain calm and lucid throughout the day. Add extra magic by making it a glass of moon water. If you love this tip, then take a deep dive by listening to this podcast on the Feminist Beauty Secrets of Witches

Bless each of your steps with gratitude

A woman with under eye masks on her face

You know your skincare steps like the back of your hand. But are you doing these things mindfully, or just going through the motions? 

Morning rituals are all about finding that charm and bliss in every action. So instead of robotically completing your checklist, add some gratitude and blessings. 

When you pause to appreciate the incredible abundance of the world that brought you to this moment, your skincare is no longer just about the coconut oil. It’s a sense of awe at the coconut tree that bore fruit to produce the stuff you rub on your face. Let that sink in as you moisturize, and try to do this each step of the way in the morning.   

Motivate yourself with music

A woman looking in the mirror brushing her teeth

You probably have a superb morning workout followed up by a bomb smoothie. But do you have a soundtrack worthy of these routines to turn them into rituals? That’s right. Whether it’s Cardi B or screaming Singin’ in the Rain like Shailene Woodley, shake things up and make it fun. 

Free writing in a journal 

Now that you’re done generating some magic, clear your head by writing freely for an entire page. Stream-of-conscious freewriting, also known as morning pages, can improve the creative pathways in your psyche. This way, you have an archive of your inspiration. And voila, you’re ready for the day. 

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