DIY Valentine's gift ideas for your friend, partner or anything in between

We’ve created a list of DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts. Go beyond the generic cards and cut flowers to give your sweetie something handmade and heartfelt.  

Personal connections are super important this year, as we spend time apart while social distancing. This is why people are turning back to crafted and homemade gift ideas. There's nothing like the endorphin boost we get from a thoughtful gift. 

Valentine’s Day is coming, so browse these ideas for making a DIY one-of-a-kind gift. 

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DIY Valentine's Gifts

Handmade “craftcore” knitted scarf 

Did you know that Ella Emhoff, Kamala Harris’s step-daughter, is an amazing crafter of knitted designs? Use her work on IG as inspiration for making a handmade knitted scarf for your loved one this Valentine’s day. 

Tie-dye anything

You know what people love more than store-bought tie dye? DIY tie dye, for sure. Here are our instructions for a simple bleach tie-dye spiral on a t-shirt. You can use anything purchased from Goodfair as a starter piece.  

Baked goods (weed optional)

Nothing says “I love you” like home-baked brownies or chocolate chip cookies. Go the extra mile and bake your brownies with cannabis for an extra ounce of good vibes.  


Upcycled fashion

Make something ultra-personalized by creating an easy upcycled piece of clothing for your boo. Here are some great trendy upcycled pieces to try. 

Healing crystal gift set

Hand-pick an assortment of powerful healing crystals that address your special one’s core needs. Here’s our list of some of the most popular healing crystals.

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Cut-paper Couple Portrait

This one is so easy and the result is so memorable and easy to display on your wall or desk. Check out how to make a simple cut-paper silhouette portrait here

DIY Bucket hat

If someone made this for me, I would cry real tears of joy. Let your sincerity shine by making something on an actual sewing machine. (This bucket hat is super easy to make, though).  

Hand-written poem or letter

Who doesn’t crave classic courtship? Make Valentine’s day literary this year with a hand-written letter using a calligraphy pen and some personalized stationery. If you can’t think of the words to say on your own, find a love poem from the greats online and write something framable.   

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Recycled paper seed bombs

Giving something plantable this year. A paper-based seed bomb is made so the paper dissolves in the earth and provides a place for the seeds to sprout. Watch wildflowers or edible herbs grow from your V-day gift over the following months. 

DIY polymer clay earrings

These are gorgeous gifts to make at home. They make your cutie-pie’s face pop when wearing these homemade statement pieces. The colorful geometric shapes you can create with clay have a much funkier crafted look than a simple gold or silver chain. Here are the instructions for how to make polymer clay earrings

We hope you enjoy closeness, connection and sparks of romance this year. Let us know what you give/receive on V-day. And remember, there’s no wrong time to give the gift of thrift

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