7 Reasons Online Thrift is Blowing Up

7 Reasons Online Thrift is Blowing Up

Online thrift is having its moment. And this may just be the beginning. 

ThredUp predicts that the $20 billion resale industry will double in the next four years. Meanwhile, old-school brick and mortar retailers like Forever 21 struggle to survive. 

Online thrift stores are leading this boom. Fashionista claims that “digital-first” companies are responsible for making thrift shopping go mainstream. For instance, Depop’s user base grew by 4 million users in 2018. 

Other popular online outlets include ThredUp, Poshmark, Patagonia Worn Wear, Asos Marketplace and StockX. Goodwill has even created its own shopping app to stay relevant. 

You probably know the benefits of thrift clothing in general: 

  • One-of-a-kind style
  • Reducing textile waste
  • Minimizing industrial pollution
  • Preserving natural resources

But here's why people prefer e-thrift to the racks. 


Top 7 reasons online shopping is preferred to retail store shopping 

  1. Instant Gratification 

In the past, you had to search far and wide for that rare thrifted find. 

Today, you just need to click through your favorite site to find what you’re looking for immediately. The time it takes to thrift has dropped dramatically. 

  1. Ultra-specificity 

Most online thrift stores carve out a niche. 

For instance, Goodfair specializes in casual wear and unisex. Other stores offer luxury goods (the RealReal), name brands (ThredUp), or user-generated content (Depop and Poshmark). 

Each niche meets the demands of a targeted audience, making shoppers’ user-experience improve.  

  1. Low-cost 


  1. Convenience 

The real problem with in-person thrift shopping is this. There are no tabs, filters or search options. Shopping online makes the hunt so much easier. 

  1. No Need to Travel

You can shop from your home wearing pajamas. And even if you live where I randomly dropped a pin on the map in Nova Scotia, you have access to quality thrift online. 

  1. An Element of Surprise

Many online thrift outlets are offering fun surprise options. It’s a bit like buying a lottery ticket, except you know you’ll win something.  

  1. Side-hustle Opps

Once you get tired of your clothes, you can easily join the resale party. Try reselling your own pieces using online apps like Depop and Poshmark to earn some extra bucks.  

All of these reasons show how online thrift makes the perfect combination of old and new. 

We make online shopping practical AF. Our ever-changing New tab reminds you what’s probably missing from your closet.   


Article written by Erica Eller

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